Comprehensive Guide to Partner Visas in Australia

Comprehensive Guide to Partner Visas in AustraliaAustralia, with its allure of stunning landscapes and countless opportunities, is a dream destination for many. Boasting the most liveable cities globally, along with top-notch education, healthcare, and infrastructure, Australia beckons those seeking a vibrant and fulfilling life.

For those who have permanently settled in Australia, the desire to bring partners and families to share in this experience is natural. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of obtaining partner visas in Australia, shedding light on various pathways and crucial details.

Temporary Partner Visa Subclass 820 and Provisional Partner Visa (Subclass 309)

If you’re a permanent resident, citizen, or eligible New Zealand citizen, bringing your partner to Australia is within reach. The temporary partner visa subclass 820 is for onshore partners, while the Provisional Partner Visa (Subclass 309) is for offshore partners. Both are temporary visas, with a review after two years to assess eligibility for the Permanent 810 or 100 visas.

As an alternative, the Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300) is available for those intending to marry in Australia.

Applying for the Temporary Partner Visa Subclass 820

This visa allows spouses or de facto partners to reside in Australia temporarily. It acts as a precursor to the permanent partner visa subclass 801. Applying for both visas occurs simultaneously, emphasizing the journey from temporary to permanent residency.

Key points to note:

  • Stay until permanent residency is granted or withdraw the application.
  • Processing time varies (6 to 38 months), with costs starting from $8,085.

Benefits include living, working, studying, and accessing healthcare in Australia during the processing period.

Applying for the Permanent Partner Visa Subclass 801

The permanent partner visa subclass 801 grants permanent residency to de facto partners or spouses. Applicants must hold a temporary partner visa (subclass 820). Processing time ranges from 6 to 25 months, beginning two years after the initial application.

Benefits extend to indefinite residence, eligibility to sponsor family members, and the option to apply for Australian citizenship.

Partner Provisional Visa (Subclass 309) and Partner (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 100)

The provisional visa allows partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens to reside temporarily, progressing toward the Permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 100). Benefits align with the temporary partner visa subclass 820.

Applying for the Partner (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 100) follows holding the provisional visa, offering indefinite residence, work, study, family sponsorship, and potential Australian citizenship.

Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300)

This visa facilitates entry for marriage in Australia, requiring the applicant to be at least 18, have a sponsor, and plan to marry within the visa period (9-15 months). It grants the freedom to work and study in Australia.

Navigating the spouse visa application process requires diligence and understanding. Seeking guidance from expert counsellors can streamline the application, minimizing errors and increasing the chances of visa approval.