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Australia’s Education System

Australia not only excels at delivering international education, but it also offers fantastic opportunity to develop a global network. Australia’s educational institutes have nourished the requirements of its students over time by emphasising practical learning and a deep comprehension of many disciplines.

Like other countries, the education system of Australia is mainly divided into three broad areas – Primary School, Secondary/Senior Secondary School and Tertiary Education.

Primary School: It runs for seven or eight years, starting from Kindergarten

Secondary School: It starts from the years 7 to 10 or 8 to 10 and runs for three or four years

Senior Secondary: It starts from the years 11 and 12 and runs for two years.

Tertiary Education: It includes both higher education and Vocational education and training (VET).

Vocational Education And Training

Individuals are assessed on their acquisition of competencies, with a focus on the development of abilities related to the sector of specialised specialisation. Australia is worldwide recognised for offering best practise in vocational and education training.

Foundation Studies

Foundation Studies in Australia is also a fantastic alternative for anyone interested in attending an Australian institution. These programmes are intended exclusively for international students and allow them to complete a pre-university year while enrolled in a fully accredited specialist programme. They normally last one year.

Australian Qualification Framework

Established in 1995 by the Australian Government, the Australian Qualification Framework helps to make sure that the qualification titles across the country are consistent and represent the same high standards of education.

It includes all Australian qualifications with clear rules about the level of education each qualification represents. This provides many benefits to international students as they find the best course and institution suitable to their needs without wasting time understanding different qualification titles.

International Students who are studying and AQF qualification can always be sure of their institution to be Government authorised and nationally accredited and the degree to be genuine.

CRICOS Registration

Being an international student, one must choose to study in an institution, which is registered on the CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) It is a registration of Australian education institutions, which is managed by the Australian Government Department of Education that allow educational providers offer courses to overseas students who are studying or intending to study in Australia on student visa.

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