Understanding Natural Justice Letters for Visa Applications: Key Information and Updates

Natural Justice Letters for Visa ApplicationsHave you recently received a Natural Justice letter from the Department of Home Affairs? The number of document requests for the permanent visa application form DIBP is increasing. While the number of visa grants is on the rise, there is also a growing demand for further documents from DIPB related to Migration Act Natural Justice s57, s56. To fully understand this process and stay informed in case of a similar situation, watch the video until the end.

Section 57 of the Migration Act 1958 (‘the Act’) requires the Department of Home Affairs to offer you an opportunity to comment and present information if they are considering refusing your visa application.

Your Next Steps:

Upon receiving a s57 Natural Justice letter, it is crucial to review the information provided to understand why the Department is considering refusing your visa application. This could be due to suspicions of false or misleading information or not meeting certain visa criteria based on the information available.

Seeking advice on how to respond to the Department promptly is of utmost importance. Time is of the essence as the typical deadline for response is 28 days.

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