Top 5 Visas to Work in Australia

Have you ever wondered what is the most popular visa which allows you to work in Australia? 

Working Holiday Visa: The programme is limited to countries in which Australia holds an agreement, so you have to be lucky enough to hold a passport from these eligible countries. These agreements are reciprocal and It is for those aged between 18 to 30, but if you’re a Canadian, French or Irish citizen, you can be up to 35 years of age. You are allowed to get this visa up to 3 times depending on your circumstance.

Many working holiday makers find good employment and this often leads to employer sponsored visas. The great thing about this visa is the provision where you can extend your stay for a second and even a third working holiday visa. There may be certain requirements that you must fulfil to be eligible to make these second and third extensions, so make sure you familiarise yourself with the requirements that may apply to you. An important note; when it comes to your second or third application your age will apply to your second or third working holiday visa. So to get the most out of them, you better apply when you’re younger. 

Employer sponsored TSS 482 visa: For 482 visa, you require an Australian employers to sponsor you for a full-time job. There is no age limit to this visa. There are many complications, and they must be considered such as which stream you’re applying for. Currently, there are three. 

Do you need to choose what will be your occupation going to be? Is it on the appropriate list? Do you need the relevant work experience or education background required? Are you going to be paid the appropriate wage according to the criteria? Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to know more. The good aspect of this visa is, there is the possibility that can lead you to permanent residency, by being sponsored by the employer, if the right conditions have been met.

Training 407 visa: If you want to develop your expertise through work experience or in a professional development training programme in Australia you can apply for this visa. To be eligible, you will need to be sponsored. Then you must have an occupation eligible on the 407 visa list. You will also need to demonstrate some education or work experience in the occupation in which you’re being nominated to receive the training. In a way this visa is connected to the 482 working visa that specifically for circumstances where the employer is providing a training programme and the visa holder is learning new skills that they didn’t have before, it is an easier option than the 482 visa and does not have the same salary requirements. But be aware that the immigration department will be on the lookout for those attempting to exploit this opportunity to escape the expensive costs of the 482 visa.

Temporary Graduate 485 visa: This is one of the most popular programmes for international students who have studied in Australia for at least two academic years. There are two pathways, the graduate work stream, which is valid for 18 months and cannot be extended. The post study work stream, which is valid for two to five years. The five-year visa is only for the Hong Kong and British National overseas passport holders who successfully completed Bachelor or Masters or doctoral degree.

Temporary Activity 408 visa: This visa has several different listed activities for which you can give permission to work in Australia. At the moment the most common is the COVID-19 pandemic stream, which is classified as a special event. No doubt this pathway will close off as the pandemic begins to slow down. Other eligible activities include religious work, conducting research activities. If you’re invited for social or cultural activities, entertainment activities, cruise for superyachts or maybe as staff exchange arrangements and even as a domestic worker for senior company executives, for diplomatic staff, you can use this visa to enter the country for work purposes.

These are our top 5 visas if you would like to work temporarily in Australia. There are other visa that lead toward permanent residency. If you would like to discuss your scenario further please feel free to get in touch with us.