Leading by 2020

Professional visa and Education services has been setting up foundation to become market leader in Australian education and Migration sector by year 2020. As our market presence in Australia is highly appreciated by our clients, we are so motivated to give more to the potential market in coming years.

Until now, with our experience we have identified the strength, weaknesses and opportunities in our market and its associated factors. The market has a huge scope as charm of Australia and its diverse culture pulls significant number of immigrants each season. This is our strength from the market. We are aiming to invest more in digital marketing and digitization of process so that it enhances our efficiency.

As an strength within us, we hold a vision and are specially focused to empower our individual team member so that it is easier for everyone to synchronise with common objectives. So far, we have recruited very talented and service oriented staff members who are industry trained and are sound on handling work pressure.

In addition, we are looking forward to open up more branches in Nepal as we are approached by interested group of people from the industry. We aim to open more branches in coming days in both Australia and Nepal.

We will soon post our success map and statistics which will demonstrate the rate by which we are growing each season.