Corporate Training

We believe in developing our competency level as we go ahead in our day to day job. Going beyond the conventional practice, we engage and offer our team members with various organisational training & development programs and we take pride on spending for it.

We generously motivate and help our team members to achieve certification in their related field. Most of our education counsellors are PIER agent with EATC certificate and remaining counsellors are undergoing training to be certified.

We have realised that our industry has numerous aspect to be carried out professionally and ethically and also maintain the competitive advantage. For all this, corporate training is an essential component and we as a team will excell it.

We are soon looking ahead to participate in training relating to office culture, power of digital advertisement, MYOB, Quickbooks and others as per necessity.

Lastly, as we are looking to lead market by year 2020, getting team members into industry training is part of our core goals.