KEY FACTS: 186 Visa – Employer Nomination Scheme (Permanent Residency)

Get your permanent residency through employer sponsorship! Another quick tip today I’ll be sharing the key must-know facts about the employer nomination scheme visa otherwise known as the ENS-186 visa this visa allows you to be a permanent resident of Australia. The 186 visa offers 3 streams under which you can qualify:

– Direct Entry
– Temporary Residence Transition (via the TSS 482 visa)
– Labour Agreement

To qualify you need to be
– Sponsored by an Australian Business
– Under the age of 45 in most circumstances
– Have Competent English

Beyond the basic requirements, there are some other requirements for different steams which you have to meet

Direct Entry Stream

You need to have your occupation on the Employer Nomination Scheme visa subclass 186 visa occupation list. Secondly, you should have a positive skill assessment and 3 years of work experience under that nominated occupation.

Temporary Residence Transition (via the TSS 482 visa)

You need to held a Temporary Skill Shortage visa subclass 482 visa for 3 years in an occupation on the ENS 186 visa occupation list and you can apply without that positive skill assessment. Some visa applicants who hold the old 457 visa can have worked only two years in their nominated occupation and become eligible for application. Remember the 482 visa replaced the old 457 visa back in 2018

Labour Agreement

The labor agreement stream is when businesses who are sponsoring you, have an approved labor agreement with the government. It’s not common but it does exist these labor agreements can have occupations approved that are not on the ENS occupation list

The 186 visa is a great pathway to pr but of course, you need an employer who really appreciates your skillset and is willing to go through the sponsorship process with you.

The occupation list is available from the following link:

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