190 and 489 Concerns for Tasmania !

190 and 489 Concerns for Tasmania !

Non of our nomination application for Tasmania 190 or 489 has been questioned about the Education Provider so far however we have been contacted by some concerned clients on the issue.

We would like to suggest the following for those who have been impacted :

1. Find the facts, what is that State Government is looking for … FACTS

2. Talk with your agent and education provider and find out what additional documents they can provide YOU.

3. Do not SPECULATE things as this will only make you stress for no reason.

Lots of application has been lodged around this time of the year therefore, as previously mentioned government will be strict around this time of the year. They will obviously look for any minor details to refuse nomination. Best you can do is support your application with as much strong documents as possible.

We can definitely assist you to relodge and argue the case with State Growth Department.

Please contact our Hobart Office for further assistance.